Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Planter Made From Drawer

Posted by PicasaI threw out an old dresser a while back, but kept the drawers. I finally got around to executing some of my ideas about what to do with drawers. (I see them cast aside along with other trash all the time.)  I painted this one and lined it with plastic to keep any drainage water from destroying the drawer. The table is just one that has been kicked around here for 40 years. The plants are in pots, so the weight on the drawer is less and the plants can be staged higher/lower for the best effect. It also makes it easier to change the display as the plants change their appearance.
Two more of the drawers I converted to under bed storage. To make them easier to access, I  put slides (cheaper) on the bottom of one drawer, and on the other one I put wheels. Wheels work better, but they also require more space under the bed, which might then require bed risers. 

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