Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ugly Art

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I suppose some people would call this art. I just call it ugly. This was in the restroom at a Doctor's office I recently visited. It appears to be an acrylic media on a piece of half inch plywood. I thought this was pretty tasteless, particularly for a restroom.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mt. Cheaha Tower

 This is the view out one of the tower windows.

Some graffiti inside the tower 
 The beautiful old tower. It has some bleeding from the stones in the main arch after you enter. mini stalactites have dripped down.
More graffiti.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Red and Yellow Leaf Coloration

These leaves looked unreal they were so beautifully and carefully painted. They were on the way out to the Bald Rock.

Rock Formation at Mt. Cheaha

There are lots of rocks just ideal for stumbling on on the old trail out to the bald Rock at Mt. Cheaha. Luckily several years ago a raised board walk was built from the parking lot out to the overlook. This has enabled many people to see the overlook who otherwise would not have been able to because of the roughness of the trail. The day we were there some volunteers helping the park people to paint the boardwalk. There never is enough money for such things so the help of volunteers is invaluable.
But about this rock...
These rocks are characteristic of the overlaying sandstone that comprise Lookout Mountain, the end of the Appalachian Range. These rocks break into layers and make stacks like the ones in this picture.
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

View from Bald Rock at Mt Cheaha

A leaf trip to Cheaha this past Thursday provided some beautiful sights. This photo was taken from the overlook at the Bald Rock. The bald space on the left of the picture is an area which was recently clear cut. You can see the roads through the area. The green  bisecting the area is probably a waterway since regulations prohibit harvest within so many feet of a waterway.
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Motorcycle Car

I saw this at Ruths Flea Market this past week.  Quite innovative. I believe even I could ride this!!
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mayan Gold (Tecoma)

I bought this Tecoma in 2009 and overwintered it in the greenhouse. This year I put it in the ground about mid summer when other things in my flower bed began to disappear and leave empty holes. Last year it had made some seed so I had planted those and also have several smaller plants in pots that I am going to carry over this winter. I am anxious to see whether it will return next year as there are conflicting claims on the internet. The introducer (Bill Calkins at Ball Seed) said it was an annual except zone 9 and south. Others claim it is root hardy to zone 7B, returning in mid-spring.
I can say that Tecoma Mayan Gold loves the summer heat in my section of Chambers County Alabama. It starts blooming when the days are long and continues even now. I think it must not set seed till the days start to shorten as I am just now getting a couple of seed pods forming.I have really enjoyed it's bright yellow as well as it's carefree nature. nothing in the way of insects or deer seem to bother it. (Deer could get it any day as they are eating everything else around here these days, but so far, so good.) I hope I have discovered a new perennial that will fill the gap after the summer flowers begin to loose their vigor.  Full sun.
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Leaf Moth

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This moth was on my screen door. It looks as much like a leaf as the ones in the Butterfly House at Callaway Gardens. I had to take the picture several times because the camera kept focusing on the screen instead of the insect. I had the same problem photographing dragon flies. It is interesting that this moth's antennae are hidden by being pointed under the wings, presenting a more leaf-like appearance.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Lion's Ear

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I bought this plant (Leonotis) at Petals From the Past in Clanton at their late summer sale. I had no idea what it was, but it was labelled as a perennial , so I wanted to give it a try. It is blooming at about 2 feet tall. It has stood up much better to the dry weather we've had since I planted it than the Mexican Salvia 'Limelight" which I got at the same time. In fact the 'Limelight' has disappeared completely. I have since planted a perennial coreopsis ( Creme Brulee) in its place.
Reading has lead me to believe that the lion's ear may or may not be perennial, and if it is not, I doubt it will have time to set seed before frost, so it may probably vanish also. But that's what you get when you buy something you do not know what is. But I like to try new plants and I also like surprises. More often than not the surprise does not work out, but still, it's worth the anticipation, which my mother-in-law has pointed out is often better than the event.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Joys

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My morning glories have been at their peak in the last week. Last evening the morning glories were still open when the moon vines began to open. These Heavenly Blues surely are heavenly.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Planter Made From Drawer

Posted by PicasaI threw out an old dresser a while back, but kept the drawers. I finally got around to executing some of my ideas about what to do with drawers. (I see them cast aside along with other trash all the time.)  I painted this one and lined it with plastic to keep any drainage water from destroying the drawer. The table is just one that has been kicked around here for 40 years. The plants are in pots, so the weight on the drawer is less and the plants can be staged higher/lower for the best effect. It also makes it easier to change the display as the plants change their appearance.
Two more of the drawers I converted to under bed storage. To make them easier to access, I  put slides (cheaper) on the bottom of one drawer, and on the other one I put wheels. Wheels work better, but they also require more space under the bed, which might then require bed risers. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Wildlife At the Beach

Great  herons like to hang out with fishermen if possible. It cuts down on the work they have to do . themselves. They wait around for a handout. This picture was taken at Florida Point. You can see Gulf Shores and environs in the bavkground.
I can't help myself. Herons are such elegant birds that I have to take their picture whenever I can.
This fellow has been injured somehow. Looks like both wings are hurt. I didn't see him fly, but if he can't . staying near the water at least provides him with a chance to eat.
Posted by PicasaProtected turtle nest

Shells from Gulf Shores September 2010

The heart shaped piece of shell is a hunk of a large sand dollar. There were many pieces of large sand dollars on the beach, but I only found one small one (quarter sized) that was whole. I also found several pieces of  Scotch bonnets, but none that were anywhere near whole. Oh how I wish I could find a whole Scotch bonnet at Gulf Shores!! But I have only ever seen very broken pieces. Beyond these two kinds, there was the usual abundance of scallops, calicos,clams, a few oysters, and many cockles. In fact, I found the largest cockle I have ever found anywhere.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Swimming Pool on the Third Floor

Posted by PicasaI admit it- I have never seen  a swimming pool that was not on the ground before. Oh, I have seen pictures of those on cruise ships, and thought that was pretty weird, too, but in a way, I find this scary. Picture this scenario. A car drives up to the motel and parks as is the custom under the canopy at the front entrance. Then, for unexpected and unknown reasons, the supports of the pool buckle and the whole thing collapses. Maybe it is not such a good space saving idea after all.
I went for a dip in this pool, and it was of a minimum size, just large enough to keep down comments about tacky size, and it was a shallow non diving pool. Still, I have swam in many in ground pools that were no larger.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Abandoned Houses in Gulf Shores

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I am interested in abandoned houses, but I do not usually think of finding them at the beach. Actually, these 2 have been abandoned for some time as I remember seeing them in the past. They appear to be in danger of being gobbled up by the high rise which is sneaking up on them from the rear. Both of these houses were/are beautiful and I am especially attracted to the Spanish style one and the lovely gates. I wonder what sad story is behind these 2 houses.

Scenes from Gulf State Park September 2010

In this picture the sea oats look as tall as the palm trees, but it is just a matter of perspective. It is a beautiful sight. Sea oats seem really big and healthy this year.

                                                               Sunset over the State Pier.

Posted by PicasaWaves on this September day were high for the Gulf. There was a yellow flag flying.
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