Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mayan Gold (Tecoma)

I bought this Tecoma in 2009 and overwintered it in the greenhouse. This year I put it in the ground about mid summer when other things in my flower bed began to disappear and leave empty holes. Last year it had made some seed so I had planted those and also have several smaller plants in pots that I am going to carry over this winter. I am anxious to see whether it will return next year as there are conflicting claims on the internet. The introducer (Bill Calkins at Ball Seed) said it was an annual except zone 9 and south. Others claim it is root hardy to zone 7B, returning in mid-spring.
I can say that Tecoma Mayan Gold loves the summer heat in my section of Chambers County Alabama. It starts blooming when the days are long and continues even now. I think it must not set seed till the days start to shorten as I am just now getting a couple of seed pods forming.I have really enjoyed it's bright yellow as well as it's carefree nature. nothing in the way of insects or deer seem to bother it. (Deer could get it any day as they are eating everything else around here these days, but so far, so good.) I hope I have discovered a new perennial that will fill the gap after the summer flowers begin to loose their vigor.  Full sun.
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