Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wild Petunia

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Hairy wild petunia (also called fringeleaf wild petunia) is a native beauty that is under appreciated and should be actively grown instead of relegated to spots outside the flower beds. But it can make it just fine on it's own , thank you. Ruellia humilis is a native perennial petunia. It flowers in the dry and heat of summer, and right now there are purple flowers an inch or so in diameter peeking up all over my back yard. The reason they are so short is I have mowed them over, but they just keep blooming.This afternoon the black swallowtails were having a feast on their nectar. Normally Plants in my yard do not get more than a foot tall and they thrive in sun and shade. Elsewhere (besides my yard), it can be found in open areas and dry upland wooded areas. It spreads by the dispersal of large seed, and consequently may form small colonies around the mother plant. They flower for about 2 months in the hottest part of the year. they are not troubled by disease or insects. why don't I grow more beautiful EASY things???

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