Thursday, July 15, 2010

July's Lilies


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These two lilies are always pretty during July. The orange one is the old standard Tiger Lily at old homesites around the south. They propagate by making bulb offsets and also by forming little black bulblets in the axils of the leaves. When these bulblets are mature they release from the mother plant and roll to the ground where they take root, and in 2 to 3 years they will be blooming size.
The other lily is one called Star Gazer and it has a wonderful fragrance. I have it growing right by the steps so I can smell it as I pass up and down.
I always remove the pollen sacks of lilies if I plan to use them for cut flowers. The pollen can make a very bad stain on clothes or table linens. I sometimes remove them from the flowers I leave in the yard because I do not want them to put energy into seed making. I had rather they spend that energy in increasing the size of the bulb. The pollen sacks should be removed as soon as the flowers open and before the pollen is rerleased. If pollen has already started to release, use care that you do not touch the pollen to the stigma or you will polleninate the flower yourself!

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