Saturday, July 10, 2010

Strange Bugs



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I have encounter some unusual bugs in the last few days. The rhinoceros beetle was given to me by a friend, who knows I like these sorts of things. I think it is beautiful. Rhinoceros beetles are not as common now as 50 years ago. My grandmother, who loved flowers as much as I do, would collect them when she found them and spray paint them vivid colors, stick them on a wire and use them to decorate her potted plants. They are so beautiful though, I don't think they need spray paint. Well, maybe some clear would help preserve it. Someone asked me what they were for, and I said I guess to learn about or to help us appreciate God's creatures.
Rhinocerus beetles use their horns for digging and for fighting other males in the mating game. recent research shows that they can move something more than a thousand times their own weight. How do they figure this? Apparently it was measured when two males were fighting, but then I guess their adrenalin was up. A mature beetle only lives a year or two. The larvae live underground (grubs) and feed on decaying roots (not live ones) of trees. They may take 6/7 years to reach maturity, so most of their lives are spent underground. Rhinocerus beetles are scarab beetles or dung beetles which lay their eggs in dung. Now was that more than you wanted to know?
The other thing in the jar is... I do not know what. Dora found it caught in a spider web outside. It was flapping around and making a lot of noise, and she seemed scared of it. (I can see why.) In the several days I kept it in the jar it apparently laid eggs and that is what the little tomato seed looking things are.I believe whatever it is, something was wrong with it as this color on a bug is unusual to say the least. could it be a cicada? They are doing a lot of singing around here lately.

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