Saturday, July 17, 2010

Baby Fence Lizards

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About a month ago I dug up these reptile eggs while digging in my flower bed. I wondered what they were and decided to put them in a jar to see what would hatch. I put the eggs and some soil and mulch in a gallon jug with a screen over the top to coral whatever hatched. I left the jug on the porch where it could get some sun everyday. The screening cut back on the sun to some degree, but mostly it was pretty hot in that jug I guess. When moisture would stop collecting on the inside of the jar, I sprayed a little water inside the jug or dropped a few drops of water in. I added water about 3 times over the month of incubation.
Today I noticed that the dog seemed very interested in the jug and went to check. I was overjoyed to see 4 little fence lizards racing about in the jug and occasionally jumping up onto the sides. I was a little disappointed as I had hoped the eggs would be anole eggs, but what I got is what I got. I was incredulous that they had actually hatched. They were so active and I thought they must be hungry so I was anxious to release them. I turned the jug on its side and one came out immediately. I put my finger near it and it climbed on. It was so light I could not even feel its weight. It sat there for a while and then raced up my arm and onto my back. I released the other babies in a flower bed and wished them luck. When I got back inside I checked in the mirror and my little hitch hiker was still on my shirt collar in the back. I took it outside and let it go.
This was a very joyous event for me. I felt like I had discovered a miracle in progress, 4 two inch long scaly grey lizardsbeginning life in a jar, just for me to watch.

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