Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shrub Daisy

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This is a shrub daisy. I bought 2 of these which were half dead from a clearance rack. It turned out all they needed was some water. They have done beautifully all summer and even now in my flower bed. They get full sun (well, for the most part), and water only when I water the rest of the bed. Clay based soil has it's benefits. It holds onto water and  requires less watering than loam or sandy loam that is typically thought of as the preferred soil type. These shrub daisies (Euryops  pectinatus) are members of the aster family and do best in full sun. During mid-summer they slack off  on blooming a bit, although they still have a few flowers, and right now are covered with blooms. In fact, some people think they prefer the cooler weather. Not too cool though, as they are hardy only to about 25 F. I had one planted in my flower bed last year and it did not return, although I did not get it planted till the fall and perhaps it did not get established. They are reputed to root easily, so I need to make some cuttings and try that before frost cuts my efforts short. I hope I have not waited too long. Many plants do not root easily in the fall and winter unless you have bottom heat. Well, we will see....

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