Monday, October 17, 2011

Mexican Heather and Celosia

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This is an example of what I got when I set my camera to dusk. It was dusk, and I thought the setting would brighten it a bit. Instead, it turned it blue.This is Mexican heather. The flowers in background are not blue, but have purple caylexes and white flowers sticking out. This is really a shrub that gets killed to the ground every year. It is about 4 feet tall and as wide. It blooms in the fall and hangs on to the flowers remaining beautiful for a long time. My only complaint with it is it can't be cut for arrangements. Well, you can cut it, but it smells like cat pee.
The big red thing in the foreground is a Celosia.  It is 6/7 inches across and  is beautiful in dried arrangements (well, fresh ones,too).When I cut it I save the round black shiny seed that drop from it. They will be the starts of next years crop. The cut heads (everybody says they remind them of brains) look great on a fall or even Christmas wreath.

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