Sunday, October 16, 2011

Roadside Flowers for Autumn

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The roadsides have been aglow with several different kinds of wildflowers these past several weeks. I stopped to take some pictures and although these photos are not the best, they do at least call up a memory of what the heaps and mounds of flowers looked like. I stopped at one point and gathered some  larger type of wild sunflowers thinking  what a glorious arrangement they would make. I also gathered some great blue Lobelia that was on the same site, but by the time I got the bunch home, which was only a few minutes, some of the sunflowers had started to wilt. I recut the stems and submerged in deep water, but it did not stop the wilt and by the next morning they were gone. Some things just do not cut well, and maybe it is just best to enjoy them on the plant where they last and last.

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