Thursday, September 8, 2011

Turnera ulmifolia

This is Turnera ulmifolia also called by the unlikely name of Ramgoat Dashalong. Frankly, I think the scientific name in this case is easier to recall. Ramgoat dashalong? What does that mean??? On a trip to south Florida I took a cutting of this plant which was growing in almost unmixed profusion between the motel and the beach (in the dune area, if there had been a dune). It rooted pretty quickly and away it went. The dark green of the leaves gives it a healthy look, even in my flower bed which frequently looks as if it needs nitrogen. I guess if it grows in sand, it must not require a lot of nitrogen to look healthy. The bright yellow flowers are set off by that beautiful foliage and it is a perfect fit for the hot dry days of summer. I have grown it 2 years in my flower bed and it has not reseeded, but I would not care if it did. I can pull out the extras just like I do with Cleome. I overwinter a piece or two in the greenhouse just as I do with border plant. Early in spring I stick some cuttings and by the time it is warm, it is ready to go into the flower bed.
Turnera is a native of Mexico and the East Indies.

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