Friday, September 30, 2011

Body and Facial Scrubs

 Growing up in a less affluent time has made me skeptical of a lot I see these days. At the risk of sounding like a curmudgeon I wonder why people can't just use a wash cloth to scrub away dead and flaky skin. Why do you need to buy special pot scrubbers and special "personal care" products that have things in them to scrape off  dead skin? I do agree that the loss of the dead top layer of skin probably does make a person look more youthful and vibrant, I just do not agree with the current thought on how to get there
 A good terry wash cloth has been good enough for millions and has served the same purpose of not just cleaning, but rubbing away unless skin cells. Products are available with different kinds of mild abrasives, and frankly it sounds like a reach to me for just something else to sell. If you are bound to have these things, recipes abound for scrubs you can make yourself, where the abrasive is usually sea salt or sugar. But my original question remains: Why?
 I think this idea of not using a wash cloth may have originated with TV commercials. I suppose it looks more elegant to splash water over your face and photograph the droplets of water flying around, but truth is, it is just not as effective a way to clean. Soaping with fingertips is not going to remove the kind of grime and cells that a good wipe with a cloth will. Maybe the idea is to be gentle with your skin, but there is such a thing as being so gentle that you do not clean it, and I guess this results in the need for a new product, leaving ye ol' bath clothe out in the cold. How would it be if you tried to clean your dishes with your fingertips, or how about cleaning the toilet by merely flushing? Clearly, that does not work.
 Stores still sell bath cloths singly or in sets of towels, so what do people do with them? Is there a black hole somewhere that eats them or do they just land in the, uh-hum, landfill.
 So get out there and start using  those bath cloths and rescue the textile industry. How are you going to clean your ears if you don't?

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