Sunday, April 4, 2010

Birds Seen From Ferry

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The birds seem to think that any post is made for them to perch on.Why these poles were out in the water this way, I don't know but I have been past this place on the ferry 4 times and all the posts have a bird on them. The odd thing about this is, there are several different kinds of birds there. You can click on the picture and get a closer look at the birds.
The second picture is of some birds on a break water wall.
The pelican was sitting in the middle of the walkway back to shore from the ferry. Apparently it sits there a lot from the looks of the planks. As I edged closer and closer to him, he moved reluctantly but gave me the evil eye so that I knew when I had pushed him as far as I could. The yellow feathers on his head are breeding plumage I believe.
The last picture is of a frozen duck.

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