Monday, April 12, 2010

Birds at Ding Darling Preserve

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The top picture is a great white heron in breeding plumage. He was so beautiful as he eased along slowly lifting his feet up high as he walked through the grass. He was looking at something tasty, maybe a frog. the one in the bottom picture is also a heron. I am a sucker for herons as you can see. The identifying characteristics here are the yellow bill and black legs and feet.
The morning glories in the second picture made such a nice sight on the rocks that were stabilizing the bank on the roadside. They would not have been better if they had been intentionally planted there.
The third picture of the wading bird with the downward curved bill is a white ibis. It has a reddish orange bill and the same color feet. It walks slowly through the shallows probing the mud with it's bill.
During the summer we saw flamingos at Ding Darling, but none this time that I remember. They were at a distance so it can be hard to tell. No alligators though.:(

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