Thursday, April 29, 2010

Auburn Farmer's Market

I called to find out when the farmer’s market on campus would open and was chagrined to find that it was not opening till the last week of May. If it closes in August , it will be open a short two months. At a time when USDA has a push on for local food , this seems an odd turn of affairs at best. All the early produce will be gone- strawberries, lettuce and most other salad greens and ingredients. The time when people will be planting in yards and gardens is largely over and most people have already acquired hanging baskets. (Mother’s day is the biggest single day of the year for plant sales.)
The reason for this short late season cannot be that there is nothing available as places as far north as Cornell have active markets starting the first of April and lasting through October.
Other places have a shed for farmers to set up under. The umbrellas once provided are gone and farmers are forced to buy their own or do without.
These facts lead me to the conclusion that the Extension Service at Auburn is supporting local farmers in name only. It is not possible to find anything helpful in the way this farmer’s market is being conducted.
I am sure that the answer that the Extension service will give is related to money. There are answers to every problem other than money. Please do not give me the tired song and dance about money. Maybe someone with creative juices needs to be assigned to the task of farmers markets. This is a time of financial uncertainty, and especially for farmers. Markets can provide an much needed additional revenue stream. Don't let Alabama get lost in the dust once again.
I hate to think that football might be a factor in consideration of the Farmer's market.

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