Thursday, January 21, 2010

Not Africa, Hawaii

Out in the countryside we passed these animals. I wonder if the donkey was there to keep the zebra company, but did not think to ask.

The owner of these animals was near the fence and I asked what kind of cattle these were. He said they were from Africa and were Masai cattle. These certainly put longhorns to shame. They seemed very docile, but I was not in the fence with them.They certainly look scary. He said he used them at for roping practice for rodeos. Those horns certainly would make a big target.
 The last picture is an introduced species of milkweed. I knew it looked like milkweed except the pods were round instead of sickle shaped. Later I found the species in a book. The species was imported from Africa to be used as a fiber crop and escaped cultivation. (Hey, the seed are airborne you know). Now it is just a weed, but an interesting one. I wondered if these seed arrived in the manure of these African animals, or maybe on their feet.

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