Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kona Farmer's Market

A visit to the Kona Farmer's Market was a feast for the eyes.There was all sorts of stuff there, a lot probably made in China, but the flowers, fruit, and vegetables interested me most. The first picture is cut Anthuriums, a flower that may be more associated with Hawaii than orchids. Most of the ones we buy here come from Hawaii.
The second picture, an orange flower, is a Banksia, I believe. (The sign refers to the Anthuriums nearby.). Although these plants were grown in Hawaii, they originated in Australia, but because of such strict import and export regulations, they are grown in Hawaii for sale.
The third picture is proteas. They are exquisite flowers and are endemic to Australia. They last a very long time as cut flowers. I bought a bouquet of mixed proteas at a roadside stand and struggled all the way back to Alabama carrying them. They have dried very nicely.
The next picture shows  what a wide array of flowers were available at the market. They could be purchased loose or in arrangements.
The fruits at the market were a feast for both eyes and stomach. We tried a few of the more unusual ones and I will  write about that at a later time.
The last picture is of a funeral wreath that was being made at the market.

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