Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Mule Pit

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We were riding along looking when Hiram suddenly yelled "Stop" and marched off into the brush.He returned a few minutes later saying ,"This is it!" It was the place he and Hannah had visited 5 years previously while on a geology field trip to Hawaii.The story was told to them that a man was plowing a mule at this spot when the plow turned up a rock that was apparently holding that section of the earth together and the entire area caved in. It was not clear to me what may have caused the cavern to form in the first place, perhaps a gas bubble or some different manifestation of a lava tube. It certainly is a deep hole as you can see from the second photo. The site used to be listed as a stop on the road but all signage had been removed, and no trail out to the place was visible from the road. I suspect the reason the public is not encouraged to visit any more is that the area may be unstable and still vulnerable to cave ins.

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