Saturday, May 17, 2014


I never heard of Penstemon until 3 or 4 years ago. I had heard of beardtongue but had never seen it and thought it must be a plant that grew far away from here. Now they are everywhere, including my own flower bed. I even saw some at Lowe's last week.They have become the latest plant fad. Wikipedia says they are a large group of North American and East Asian natives that come in a variety of bright colors. The reds are said to be hummingbird magnets. The pictures of them I see in red and blue are stunning. Unfortunately the two plants I have are a washed out pink. The stems have more color than the blooms. One of these plants I grew from seed and the other was a gift.

This is the second year for both of these plants and their first year to bloom. They are really quite nice looking, and if the literature is to be believed, quite hardy.

I understand there is a nice red called 'Husker's Red' and I would like to get a red one. And a blue. But understand, I like these also! They come in both annual and perennial forms, but who hadn't rather have a perennial?

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