Friday, May 16, 2014

Clivia Lilies

Clivia lilies bloom in the very early spring, but the flowers are very long lasting and  are frequently followed by seed pods that turn a bright red and cling for months. Clivias provide a point of interest more than 6 months of the year from either flowers or seeds, and the rest of the year, they exude a calming effect with their staid stiff dark green leaves additionally, they are so easy to care for. Their care actually involves not giving them too much attention. Don'y give them too much water-keep them on the dry side or they are likely too rot. By this I mean do not water on a schedule and  hardly at all during the colder months. When you see the flower scape forming, give a little more water. Don't let them freeze, and give bright light, but not direct sun. They might enjoy a summer under the trees but I never do that for fear they may get too wet when we have a rainy spell. I leave them in the greenhouse through the heat of summer and they seem to thrive. I have planted the seed that developed and find that they germinate well. keeping them underpotted and crowded in the pots helps with not getting them too wet, as well as the display of flowers when they bloom. I usually put 3 mature bulbs in aa 8 inch pot. 

 This year I was surprised with a different sort of bloom that I have not had before (that I remember). The markings on the bloom  below are  striking and I am left wondering whether this dual coloration was a result of some environmental condition or if  this plant never bloomed before, or if I was just not observant. Next year I will take more careful note.

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