Friday, February 4, 2011

Waiting For the Daffodils

  The first 2 months of the year are the hardest for me. The cold and dreary watery days of winter sink my soul.Many friends and relatives become ill and it seems to me that most of the news I hear is bad. Perhaps I feel this way because I can't get in enough gardening. The couple of days last week of warmth and sun had me outside planting seed and trying to get an early start on the spring. My reasoning on the seed was that the things I was planting often reseed anyway and so they would already be in the ground waiting when the days warm and could get a quick start. These last few days with endless rain has made me worry that they have washed away, but only warmer days will tell.
  I have started some seed today in pots in the house. I believe the greenhouse is a little too cold for most seed germination, so I made a place by a window to start a few things now. I have a heated seed germination mat, which I have successfully lost, so I am trying another tack.
  This rain has brought a lot of my spring bulbs up. The yard is poking full of those dark green blades that tell me that winter is on it's last legs. The butter-and-eggs buds are sharp spears that look like they could open soon, but in reality they are a mid-season bulb and they won't be opening till spring is well on it's way.
  Yesterday I saw a host of lavender crocus buds under the oak. They were standing tall, waiting for the sun, and as soon as it appears they will open. Cloudy days and evenings make them close, but they'll be back. I can hold my breath a few more days.

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