Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Phalaeonopsis keiki

I am so excited!! I have been growing (and killing ) moth orchids for years, but NEVER has any of my plants had a keiki before. A keiki is a (baby) plant that forms on the flower stalk at a node where normally another flower spike would form. My reading tells me that it should be left on the stalk till it is fairly large, and has some roots. I hope I can raise it. 
For several years I have been keeping my Phalaenopsis in the greenhouse in winter, but this is the last year I am going to do that. In an effort to keep my gas bill down I keep the night time temperature to about 55 degrees and that is a bit too cold for Phals. They don't mind summer's heat so bad if they get high humidity, but would probably like summer under the trees better. I plan to try to work on satisfying their needs better in the coming year and see what happens.
Phalaenopsis actually grow best in temperatures where humans are most comfortable. They need bright light, but not direct sun. They are great, beautiful, and long lasting house plants.

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