Friday, February 11, 2011

Chinaberry Tree in Winter

I have been watching this tree for several weeks and thinking every time I passed it that I should stop and take a picture. This tree is a good example of how loaded with seed the Chinaberry trees  are this year. Chinaberry is a native of (surprise) china, Japan, Australia , and points in between. It is a soft wood tree, prone to breaking and messy, spreading seeds and twigs. But O! what fine pea shooters the finger-sized twigs make. They have a pith that is easily pushed out . Then get a thick dog fennel stalk for a plunger and wow! you could draw a blister with those things.  My, times have changed.
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  1. Oh how I miss daffodils! Growing up in VA, we used to get so excited to see the first shoots of the daffodils sprouting out of the cold ground or snow. Spring!


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