Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Seed Grown Lilies

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I grew these lilies from seed, starting probably as long as 5 years ago. I forgot them and left them in a shallow seed flat for over a year. I eventually repotted them into separate and larger pots, but only last year managed to get them into the ground. Seven foot is not an unrespectable height for any lily. As you see, this one is taller than my pomegranate bush. The are shorter ones seen in this picture that are also blooming, but I think  I can expect them to be sky scrapers  as they mature. If I had not planted these where they could lean on the  pomegranate bush, I am sure they would have fallen over. Being a 7 foot lily is not an easy life, regardless of their being green.
In reading a book called Farther Afield by Allen Lacy, I recently discovered that some people disdain seed grown or narrow leafed lilies (not Allen Lacy, though). I can't imagine why.This is a lovely sight and one that points up how extremely hardy lilies are. These persisted for years in spite of neglect and abuse to eventually become stately beauties. I have bought named lilies that were not this worth of growing.
I am a good one for ignoring garden advice. I had been growing columbines from seed and enjoying their delicate dancing blooms for years when I read that columbines (that is, the named horticultural giants) should never be allowed to reseed lest their  common offspring populate the garden. Well, poo on that. With that kind of advice, we Americans would all be on the compost heap.

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