Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Foot Glove

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 A couple of people in my Tia Chi class got these shoes. They are amusing to me, and do not look comfortable. (I don't really like the feel of toe socks.) the people who wear them say they are really comfortable though. The propaganda surrounding them says that it is more like walking barefoot and is therefore better and easier on your feet. The other hand says that you need support for running, walking, etc and that they do not provide any support. Well, flip flops don't provide support either but I love wearing them. They just look to me like they would be hot. I means rubber (or plastic) and nylon? How could it not be hot.  Just kick off and go barefoot. When I was a kid I went barefoot all summer so that when Sunday came and I had to squeeze back in those Sunday shoes, it was murder! I could walk over rocks and briars like they were nothing. Now a few rocks sets me to levitating. I bet they do not allow shoes in heaven.

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