Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Two Old Jokes

These two jokes were told to my Aunt Zubie by her grandmother, Joanne Lett Hubert, as long ago as 75 or 80 years. It's safe to say these jokes may be at least 100 years old. still Pretty funny.

Two jokes told by Granny Hubert (Joann) to Aunt Zubie Daniel

A country man goes to town, goes in a restaurant and orders 6 eggs for breakfast.
The waitress asks, “How do you like your eggs?”
He replies, “God, how I like’em!”

Early one dewy morning a lady was out feeding her geese when a man ventured by. The bottom of her dress was wet from the dew. The man said,” Good morning , Miss Drabble Tail. How do you sell your geese?”
She answered, ”Good morning, Mr. Kiss My Ass. Fifty cents apiece.”

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