Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hula Hoop Video

I promised you that you would get chance to see this Now here it is!

On another note this rain is completely beyond anything pleasant. Six inches since night before last- about 36 hours. Now the prediction is for more tomorrow. The jokes about boats and paddles no longer sound funny.
But all the rain and these warm temperatures have really started to hurry things along. The daffodils are opening up so fast I can almost see them and the butter and eggs are carefully opening a petal or two.
Somehow February always lulls me into thinking I have plenty of time to start seeds and cuttings and get my yard cleaned up and the beds ready for plants. Then! blam!Spring is here and I am behind. Again. Those cold rainy days make me want to snuggle up under a quilt and read and have soup and hot cocoa, when I should be starting seeds. but then the greenhouse is too cold and when I have started seed in February they often do not germinate. I suppose they rot. I keep the greenhouse as cool as I can and still keep the tropicals alive because the gas is so expensive.
My big news is that my website is up and functioning.

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