Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hula Hoops in Alabama

In Tia Chi class we were discussing the current craze in hula hoops in California. They are being used for weight loss and exercise. The next meeting Francis brought in 2 hoops she found in the barn that her kids had used years ago. I remembered how when I was in my teens I could keep that hoop going for hours. It was effortless. So I got the larger of the 2 hoops and gave it a try. It made one round and promptly hit the floor. A couple of people could do it (the skinnier class members), but most of the rest would not even try they were so sure they couldn't do it. Francis let me take the hoop home with me to practice.
Practice did not improve me much, so I went online to try to find out why I could not hula any more. I watched a YouTube instruction video, but that did not help. At last I uncovered the information that probably I was too big (read fat) and needed an adult size hoop. Apparently, the larger the hoop, the easier it is to do. A hoop should reach somewhere between the navel and the nipples to be correctly fitted. Ebay had several and after careful study (I thought) I ordered one. I waited with bated breath for about 2 weeks and was beginning to think I had been snookered.
Yesterday a box about 4 inches deep and 18 inches long arrived by FedEx. When I saw the box, my heart dropped. Uh-oh. What had I done?? But it was a hoop that fit together in sections (fluorescent sections, I might add. It was also wavy. How come I missed that detail?. Additionally it was a weighted hoop weighing 2 pounds and the instructions said it was for teenagers who wanted to lose weight. (Teenagers??) It also said that it might make you sore the first couple of days. (And how long are you supposed to do this per day?) Also be careful not to bruise yourself on the wavy bumps inside the hoop. Well, that was almost too much information.
I proceeded to put the hoop together. It went nicely till the last section that made the circle complete. Try as I might, I could not get it together. I guess I used up all my umph on the other sections. fortunately someone came along and helped me get it together. I waited till he left then took it out in the yard to give it a try. I did not want to break up housekeeping by trying it in the house.
I can do it!!! Well, once I made it go around 16 times! I quit for the day on that high note. When I can get some help to film me, I am going to post a video on YouTube so you can see how a white headed old lady can still hula.

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