Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Clock Vine (Thunbergia)

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I saw this Thunbergia growing at our condo in Hawaii. I have one already, but it is not like this one. (You can see mine by looking at my entry for 9/12/09. The one I have is Thunbergia grandiflora, and I think the one in this picture is T. erecta. It is a much darker color than mine but the flowers are smaller. I took some cuttings of this one but it did not root. My experience is that Thunbergias root easily, but I think the cutting I took stayed in water too long. The Thunbergias are a varied group belonging to the Acanthaceae. If you google Thunbergia you will get some eye candy. Another name for this group of plants is clock vine, a name supposedly derived from the fact that the vine curves in a clockwise direction as the grows. if anyone has one, I would welcome a start.

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