Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bamboo (and O yeah- Snow)

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This bamboo from the world botanical garden has beautiful stems, but it also made a light sound when the wind moved it. It sounded like bamboo wind chimes (who woulda guessed?)
The snow this past weekend put a loop in our plans. We were headed to Baton Rouge to the wedding of a friend's son. We left on Thursday night in hopes of beating the weather, but instead ran smack dab into it. We stopped in Mobile Thursday night and woke up Friday to the news that Baton Rouge was snowed in. The airport was closed, etc. Although only a scant half inch fell in Mobile, the farther west you went, the worse it got. I was very sorry to miss the wedding as I had really looked forward to it. The wedding was at 9AM in the Natural History Museum to be followed by the reception and then everyone going to the Flamingo parade at noon. I planned to wear my pink wig and carry my pink watering can pocketbook. What a missed chance!!So reluctantly we stayed another night in Mobile and made our way home on Saturday. We spent the time in Mobile fruitfully. I read, napped, and watched TV. Total decadence. Forced rest, but I enjoyed it. I finished reading my library book A Mountain of Crumbs by Elena Gorokhova. It is an autobiography about growing up in Russia in the late 1950's and 1960"s. It is a really good book.
I was glad to get back home and find out that everything was Ok. The power did not go out and leave me with no greenhouse heat, the snow did not accumulate on the greenhouse and collapse it. All is well. It's good to keep perspective on these things.

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