Monday, March 3, 2014

Edgeworthia (Rice Paper Plant)

My Edgeworthia plant (Rice Paper Plant) is blooming right now, having opened in February. It certainly has a sweet fragrance, which is why I got it in the first place. This is the second winter I've had this shrub, and it has doubled in size since I got it. But it was just a rooted stick when I got it and I paid $25 for it. When you are looking for something unusual , plants or otherwise, it frequently costs more than you want to pay, but then, you are paying for the unusual part, as well as the plant.
I hope in years to come it will become a big nice shrub like the ones I see online. A fragrant winter blooming shrub is a welcome sight (and smell). I hope also as it gets bigger with more blooms that the fragrance will become more pervasive.

This shot was taken in November while the leaves were still on and the buds were still developing. The large green leaves lend a tropical appearance and set off the reddish stems. The leaves stayed on til the freeze made them shrivel and drop. In summer give it some shade and water when the leaves droop.

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