Sunday, November 3, 2013

Variegated Impatience

This is a variegated Impatiens which I originally got from my mother who got it from a friend.  Some people call it Busy Lizzy. Note also that this one is not double. I have been growing it for several years, and it makes a plant about 2 feet tall and blooms all summer. Like all  Impatiens walleriana, it grows best in shade. I often have Impatiens reseed, but not this one and think it may not make viable seed. Never mind though. It is easy enough to root either is soil or water and carry through the winter to make new plants for setting out after the weather warms. Hot sun will scald and kill it. This is particularly true with this plant as it is variegated and this makes it even more susceptible to sun damage. Some people mistake it for Snow-on-the-Mountain, especially if it is not in bloom.  At this point, November 3, we have not had a killing frost and I have 4 or 5 of these that are still blooming beautifully.

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