Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Scheffield Mums

Sheffield mums are a staple of the south in fall. Their lovely pink daisy faces, a welcome relief from all the garish orange, yellow, and crimson this time of year, are a reminder of the glory that was spring. They are  perennial mums, and with only minimal care will reward you every fall. They do need to be divided every couple years to keep them at their best. In the spring, dig them out and replant the newest part of the clump. There will be more than you need, so you can divide with all the people who admired them so last fall. Throw away the older part of the clump. They grow in sun to part shade and like ordinary soil enough to give you a good show. Like all mums they last wonderfully in a vase. they are sometimes called Sheffield apricot, but to me they are just pink. This is another of the plants that was given to me by my mother and it has been around a long time.

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