Friday, October 25, 2013

Pot Lady Vandalized

Someone threw a rock (clearly visible in the 3rd pic) and broke the Pot Lady's head to bits. The force of the rock was enough to shatter the pots into small shards for the most part. Some of the pieces may have fallen on her arm and broke 5 of the 7 pots that made up her arm. Her hat lies on the ground amidst terracotta pieces. It made me very sad. I guess someone was just so jealous because they did not have a Pot Lady that they decided to destroy her. I mean hey! she is on Google Street View!  I can probably fix her head with extra pots, but the arm will be a problem. The arms were so difficult to do in the first place. BooHoo. If whoever did this wanted to make me sad, they sure did.

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