Thursday, October 17, 2013

Blackberry Lilies

My blackberry lilies (Belamcanda chinensis) were really beautiful this year.The flowers are displayed atop wiry stems, and are spotted, resulting in another common name -leopard lilies.  After blooming for weeks in late summer, they set the black seed that gives them their name, and the seed hang on for weeks, too.  These are beautiful carefree plants, once hailing from China and Japan, now happily at home in America. They are persistent, but not a nuisance. They can spread by both seed and rhizomes; they are irises so they grow from a rhizome, not a bulb. Mine are growing in a grassy area and are having no trouble competing with the grass. They grow in both sun and light shade and are at home in almost any type soil. Sounds like they could take over the earth, doesn't i?  But never fear, privet bushes and Kudzu will beat them to it.

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