Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tickle Tails

The tickle tails (foxtail) are beginning to pass; the seeds are forming and dropping off, so they now look like ragged hairy caterpillars. I recently realized these are NOT grasses, as they don't belong to the grass family (Poaceae). Some sources call them weeds, and I guess they are in some settings, but i love the way they line the roads and wave at me when I go past. I do try to keep them pulled out of areas where I'm growing other things,though, because they can take over quickly with their large course foliage and many seeds (watch out next year!)
The cooler days we've had a few of lately make my roadside walks more pleasant. There are lots of wildflowers coming in now. The mosaic of leaves, especially sweetgum, is a moving sight.

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