Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Brazilian Verbena

Brazilian Verbena or Purpletop vervain is blooming now in the late summer/fall. This specimen is blooming by my mailbox, a spot that is mostly wild. If it were in my flower bed, I would have already pulled it out. it tends to be very invasive and I learned long ago not to tolerate it there. But in wild areas, I can tolerate and even enjoy it. Several times I have included it in cut flowers, but the blooms do not hold up well.
 There are at least 2 species, V. bonariensis and V. brazilensis, which are not easily separated, at least by me, but for practical purposes they are the same. They both came from South America, and tend to be invasive. Some people do plant them as ornamentals, but those souls enjoy weeding more than I do.  They do make a tall airy screen to view other flowers through, but are not worth the freight to me.

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