Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dendrobium 'Old Timer'

This Dendrobium should be called 'Easter Beauty' or something that establishes its very springy look. I have no idea what the cultivar name is, only that I have had it about 30 years. I am christening it 'Old timer'. It's been with me so long that I forgot it's origin. Perhaps it came from a southern Living Show in Charlotte when I used to live in North Carolina. That does not seem to be as important as the longevity, sturdiness, and reliability of this orchid. I have not transplanted this plant in all the years I had it . Well, I did put it in this original pot. but its been in the same pot all these years, if it can even be said to be in a pot, because clearly, it's roots are not potted but hanging out everywhere. This is probably why it's lived so long; the roots are very sensitive to being too wet, and if there is no medium surrounding the root, it's not likely to stay too wet. a couple years ago I accidentally broke off some pieces. They separate easily from the mother plant after a certain size. I laid the pieces in a clay pot , and right now they are in just as full bloom as the picture above. Since this Dendrobium is not in a potting medium, I water it nearly ever day in summer, and at other times of the year, every time I am in the greenhouse- except I give it NO water from October till I begin to see the buds emerging from the stems in January, usually. Everyone I ever told that fact to looked at me like I was lying, but this plant needs that dry time to set buds. If you can get one of these and make it happy, it will be with you for a lifetime.

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