Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring Signs in Early March

I made a tour of the yard yesterday because it seemed like things had moved into the "jump" mode that best describes spring for me.  Many times I have decided to catalog plants as they wake up from winter, but every time, the cataloging gets out of hand too quickly, and I give up, unable to keep up. March 2 was a hot day, at least 80 degrees, and we'd had lots of rain. These 2 factors, combined with the almost total lack of winter this year, set a jump situation at an early date. Matters not that yesterday itself was cool (60 degrees or so). Here is what I saw:

There are still a good many daffodils blooming, mostly whites or white and yellow, and the Narcissus have started to come in. I wish I had kept the names of all the different ones I have , but....
This is a dwarf Azalea growing in full sun. It does bloom early, but it seems like it just popped out overnight.
This is Pink Ruffles. Only a few flowers are open now, but it is one of my very favorites in full bloom.
This is the same dogwood that I posted  just a few days ago. This one is near the house and gets a bit of heat off the bricks, which probably explains why it is ahead of the other dogwoods in the yard. The others are still tight little balls. (Or at least they were yesterday).
The buds of the native Azaleas are all really swelling. This is an orange or yellow. I can't remember which color.
The last picture is a blueberry, already in bloom. OK, get ready squirrels and birds. We will soon be trying to scoop each other over the fruits of this plant!

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