Friday, March 2, 2012

Species Amaryllis

These are blooming in my greenhouse right now. They bloom every year about this time, with little to no help from me. I started with 2 or 3 small bulbs 15 years ago, and in spite of my haphazard care they have grown and multiplied so that they now use about 5 feet of bench space in the greenhouse. The bloom stalks typically have 2 flowers, no more. The bulbs bloom when they are quite small, never reaching the gargantuan size of hybrid Amaryllis. The bulbs themselves multiply very fast. I have tried to transplant some outside at different times, but have not ever had one return or bloom. I guess they do not like cold weather. Once I got on a campaign to find out what the scientific name of these beauties is, but never made much progress. The closest I ever got was a term called torch lily and that seemed like it was a blanket term for most Amaryllis. So if you can get me closer to the real name, please contact me.

News Flash! Someone has contacted me with a name that I think at long last, is the correct one: Hippeastrum puniceum. The pictures and description fit and I am so pleased with this information. Thank you, Joe. A USDA plant distribution map shows this plant as growing in Louisiana , by introduction.

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