Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This guy does not look very happy. Looks like he had rather twist a plug out of you than not.
The Brantley farm in Daphne has not only citrus fruit, but a petting zoo and kid's birthday party location. (No need to point out that petting an emu might not be a good idea.)  In addition to emus I also saw pot bellied pigs, one of those horses with big hairy feet (if this was a Clydesdale it sure was small) , a donkey and I don't know what all as far as odd animals. The farm is in the middle of what is now a very densely populated area-surrounded by all sorts of homes. It seems like the area just exploded in population around what used to be farmland. I wonder how long they will be able to hold out against what must be extremely high land prices.  It is a relief to find this farm almost hidden from the world of shopping centers, subdivisions, and tourists.

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