Monday, November 7, 2011

Recovering Greenhouse

I am so grateful to Steve Thomas of Green Hill Nursery  for recovering my greenhouse. I could not have done it alone and it is certainly helpful to have someone who knows the process. He and his two helpers did and amazingly fast and efficient job.

 This is a picture of pulling the old cover off. Actually it was three layers of plastic. The last time it was recovered one layer of plastic was left on for additional insulation.
 This shows the new cover laid out ready to be put on. It was folded in half so that two thicknesses of plastic were used and a shaded blower blows air between the 2 layers.
The finished product, with 2 covers and an air insulation cushion in between and the shade cloth tied down to secure the whole thing. The shade cloth will also help ward off the destruction done by the sun to the plastic cover.

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