Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fawn in Yard

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This fawn spent the month of October in my front yard.. I never saw the mother and wondered if it was alone in the world. If it is, it has continued to thrive, mainly by eating my flowers and acorns I suppose. At first it seemed to be learning what tasted good and what did not. It bit off large pieces of my Penta and spit them out around the pot. It hopped into my garden bed and nibbled off pepper leaves and took bites from the pepper, leaving small hoof prints behind. It wondered through my biggest flower bed and tasted everything as it passed. At first it was very skiddish , racing away with uplifted tail when I surprised it. Now, it just cruises over and stands behind a bush when it seems me. I have not seen it in a couple of days now. I feel both happy and sad. Happy, because it must have expanded its range and moved on. Sad, because I enjoyed seeing it. I know I will probably regret not aggressively trying to get rid of it because fawns grow very rapidly into big deer and this one will probably come back next year and eat me out of house and home.

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