Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yesterday's Earthquake in Virginia

 Hannah was at a strip mall in Charlottesville when the earthquake happened. She was outside sitting on a flower urn. She said at first she thought something inside the urn was grinding; later she realized the urn must have been sliding on the concrete. EJ was parking the truck and he did not feel a thing. Just before or as the earthquake started (she was not sure which) all the birds that congregate and nest in the signs and porticoes suddenly flew out.
 All the people in the stores came rushing out. They thought it was from a blast similar to what they'd had before.One woman from California insisted that it was an earthquake. (I guess they eat ones that small for breakfast in California.) She had had the presence of mind to start the timer on her cell phone and said it lasted 9 seconds.
 Very exciting, but all seems well. It is startling to me that an earthquake should happen in one of the oldest mountain chains on earth, if not the oldest. The rocks are cold and stable. Just a little reminder that "we don't know what's a-coming tomorrow."

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