Monday, July 4, 2011

Kiwi Flowers (Actinidia deliciosa)

These are the flowers of Actinidia deliciosa, the grocery store Kiwi. A friend in Opelika grows them and I have been trying for years to get mine to produce. I started this odyssey about 20 years ago. I planted a pair (they are male and female plants) two different times, but was unable to keep them alive, probably because they were too far from the faucet to give them the water they needed to get their roots down for the first couple years. Eventually I got a third pair, planted them closer to the house and got them into fair sized plants. The trunk becomes massive in age. After about 4/5 years the male bloomed. This is the male flower in this picture. The stamens and pollen sacs are clearly visible in the photo. The female took one more year to bloom, and when it did, it was easy to see that it was NOT female, but another male.
I cut down and dug out that plant and rooted what I hope is a female this time. This is it's 3rd year and I do hope it will bloom next year. At this rate I question whether I will ever see any fruit on my kiwi vine.
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