Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Deutzia-Do You Have One?

These shrubs are so beautiful in bloom that I do not see why everybody does not have one or more. Perhaps it is the name- DeutziaPosted by Picasa. I admit, the name sounds bad. But that is the only bad thing about it. It is a rounded deciduous shrub that is extremely cold hardy, and flowers late enough not to be bothered by late frosts. Before the flowers are completely open, they have a pinkish cast and often a pink dot on the outside of the flower. They open to a pristine white and last at least a month in flower. They grow 6/8 feet tall and about 5 feet wide. They are not fussy as to soil, and after getting established do not require supplemental watering except in extreme drought.neither insect nor disease bother them as far as i have ever experienced. Plant in sun or shade. Prune like a Nandina, that is, every year after flowering cut away one third of the oldest growth to the ground. This will maintain the natural rounded shape of the shrub and produce the cascading look of the flowers down the branches.

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