Monday, May 2, 2011

April Tornado in Alabama

This past weekend I visited Union Hill and Penton, Alabama. Neither community was impacted by last week's tornadoes. But, there were signs. There were little bits and pieces of insulation, roofing shingles, and wall board scattered everywhere. I even saw a baby's onesie. These were apparently carried on the wind twenty miles or more before being dropped. These probably  came from the Dadeville tornado.
I was so thankful that my loved ones had been spared, but I felt immense sorrow for those who have lost all their possessions and some even family members, as well as those injured in the tornado. The scattered debris made me very conscious of the randomness of such an event as a tornado. It can and does happen anywhere. God does not send these events, and they are not punishments nor lessons. God is there however, for our help and comfort when these horrible things happen.
We should open our hands for the affected people as well as pray for their recovery. Yes, there are looters and other  unscrupulous people bent on scooping up help meant for the injured, but that does not relieve me of the responsibility to help any way I can. When I am called to account, it will be for what I have done, not what anyone else has done.

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