Sunday, December 12, 2010

Handkerchiefs and Quilts

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While cleaning out my mother's house I found these handkerchiefs that reminded me of a time more than 50 years ago when many women, my mother and grandmother included , wore handkerchiefs in pockets or draped them in the edge their purse, leaving the decorative parts exposed. These handkerchiefs were not meant to be used as a tissue, but were purely decoration. The handkerchief for emergencies was probably a white man's handkerchief hidden in the depths of her purse. My grandmother loved to crochet and if you laid anything down, when you picked it back up, it might have a crochet edge on it. Several of these handkerchiefs have her handiwork on the edges. I also have an assortment of dish towels, dish cloths, towels, and pillow cases where she applied her beautiful edgings.
Last week I went to a quilt display at the LaFayette Public Library where I saw some beautiful quilts, both new and old. One of these quilts was made from some decorative handkerchiefs that had been folded or cut into triangles and appliqu├ęd onto quilt squares so that they resembled butterflies. It was stunningly beautiful. Photos of these quilts will  be posted on the Chambers County Library website and I will post a link on my blog when it is ready.

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