Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gold Hill Warehouse Tear Down

  For those who travel Alabama highway 147, a landmark is gone. It was torn down in November of this year (2010). Many of the people who live in this are are saddened as I am by the passing of this building from the previous century. Our only hope is that it will not be replaced by prefab fast food restaurant, a gas station, or even a Dollar General. I personally feel it deserves a historical marker.
  At the turn of the century the building was a depot where freight was unloaded from the train. The
name on the rail line was changed from Gold Hill to Gold Ridge because freight going to Grove Hill and Gold Hill were sometimes mixed up and a name change was made to help straighten things out. At some time there was a store in the building  as there were reams of receipts in books some dated from as early as 1909. The last I saw of those books they were half covered by a tarp at the site. Mr. Robert Heath, who died in the recent past, told me all I knew of the history of the place. He knew it because he lived it.
  I guess the best thing that could have happened to that old building did happen. As it was torn down some of the old wood was salvaged for use in some other purpose. I hope sometime to find out where it's eventual home is. The lumber and timbers in the building were huge compared to today as you can see in these photos. The building was beyond repair, having foundation problems, after having stood for so many years, and it was leaning heavily.
 Say goodbye to a past era.
  Does anyone know how to get a historical marker?

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  1. Yes. I hated to see it go. I had been told this was the site where W. C. Bradley began. Is that true?


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