Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall Is The Time For Rattlesnakes

This morning early I was outside watering a few plants in the backyard that I hoped to keep alive till it rains. I was talking on the phone and merrily sprinkling some plants beside the back steps when I thought I saw something move. I did not have on my contact, so I leaned over to get a better look. There was this pencil sized baby rattlesnake! I flung both the phone and the water hose down and ran for my trusty sharp shooter shovel. The snake did not realize it had been detected, so it was still there when I got back. I whacked it in two. The back half stayed put but the front half proceeded to crawl under a nearby flower pot. I raked it out of the leaves, and if you want to see it, take a look here.

Before you start to criticize me for killing this rattlesnake, tell me you would like it living at your back door. Rattlesnakes are somewhat hard to shoo away.
I do have to do something about all these chipmunks though. I suspect that the chipmunks are the reason the rattlesnake was there. Yum!!!
I also wonder if a lot of this wild barking Dora has been doing lately is due to her sighting of snakes.

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